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A COVID-19 emergency response fundraiser for cash transfers to families

How it all started

On 23rd March, 2020, Jerotich Seii tweeted about a family in need that randomly reached out to her and she shared this OpEd. What followed was an outpouring of financial support from ordinary people in Kenya and abroad who wanted to chip in. Funds received were rapidly processed and disbursed to families who requested assistance and met the simple eligibility criteria.

What was and remains key to this cash transfer initiative is anonymity of both givers and recipients. No fanfare. No dramatic testimonies. No parading of recipients. The assumption is that COVID-19 has created deep fault lines in household incomes across the board. The response should therefore be swift and empowering to the extent possible.

By 23 April, more than 250 Givers had donated just under Sh1,900,000 and support was passed on to up to 842 families. All in the form of non-invasive and dignified cash transfers of either Sh2,000 or Sh4,000. These amounts, although not life-altering, have contributed to families' resilience by giving them the choice to prioritise their expenditure.

An online platform

The outpouring of support from hundreds of individuals and a rapidly lengthening list of families in need meant that this impromptu initiative required a vehicle more suited to volume than Jerotich’s personal mobile money account and cell phone.

With generous support from three tech firms, Jerotich envisioned and launched HumanityKenya as the logical next step of this cash transfer initiative. HumanityKenya is an online payment platform and disbursement system. Jerotich, who has worked for more than 20 years in the humanitarian and development sector, and calls herself an "Active Citizen", will continue to run this initiative pro bono. She hopes to reach as many families as possible during these challenging COVID-19 times. With your help.

We are HumanityKenya.

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